Wings Facility Management

Wings Facility Management is here to manage your office facilities with the utmost care. A premier integrated facility management provider across several sectors and industries. We understand that the upkeep of your office space has a huge impact on the employees’ productivity at work. At Wings, we offer a range of services to ensure your employees are in a safe and clean environment. Our list of services that we offer is incredibly diverse in nature and we are more than happy to help you with multiple services at a period of time.

Personal Touch

Did you know that a carpet can hold almost a kilo of dirt and still look clean? Appearances can be deceiving, so now you know better!

Services Offered

  • Large area carpet cleaning: Dry Foam Shampooing and Injection Extraction for carpet tiles.
  • Extensive cleaning of workstation panels along with fabric chairs and floor scrubbing.
  • Providing complete administration services for our clients from recruiting and managing housekeeping staff and security guards to paying offices bills on time we ensure our clients have smooth functioning offices or stores.

In the past, We have worked with an array of different clients such as corporate parks, offices, retail stores, guest houses across India and more.

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