Wings Dream Homes

If your house doesn’t look like Home yet, Wings Dream Homes will step in to make that a reality for you. Our bank of professional designers, contractors, and painters who interact with Berger dealers on your behalf will help you decide what looks best for your house. And as they go around painting your house with colors of your imagination, you can just relax and bask in the unfolding beauty of your transforming Home.

Trained Experts

If you require the advice of a color consultant, we’ll choose one for you from our panel of experts in color management. Should you desire a “Feature Wall’  – a unique home decor – that’s unique to a specific room, we have a range of interesting designs which will delight you.

Illusion Artists

Illusions from Berger is a concept which fuses style and function to give your walls  a fresh and elegant look  Our specially trained “Illusion” artists use international techniques and tools to add the  panache and pizzazz  or a quiet and chic elegance to your walls.

Glowing Galaxies for Kids

Children love anything novel! What’s better than to splash fun all over a room and watch your kids enjoy their new and invigorating ambiance? Berger Paints has a fun range of surprises for kids. The Galaxy, our illusion product,  comes alive in their room at night. And the Glitter’n’ Glow gently shines during the day.

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